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The First Bilingual Reading Contest

2019-07-03 15:32  Click:[]

In order to form a good learning atmosphere, the school of international education and the school library jointly held the first bilingual reading contest for Chinese and foreign college students.

The first bilingual reading contest for Chinese and foreign college students was held at 1:30 PM on June 5th in the lecture hall 322 of the school of international education.

After nearly a month of cooperation and preparation, 11 teams of Chinese and foreign students stood out from the selection and entered the final. Competition, the Chinese and foreign students from the traditional Chinese classic, praises with poetry and prose in the pursuit of the ideal, is permeated with the love of Chinese culture, gratitude to parents, the feeling of life, has brought the audience present a cheerful audio-visual experience, but also shows the Chinese and foreign students good language skills and style.

In this competition, Chinese students and international students assisted and studied together, completed the bilingual reading task together, and experienced the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture together.



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