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Kite Festival Cultural Activity

2019-04-24 15:00 Molly Zhang Click:[]

In order to let foreign students better understand Chinese traditional culture and appreciate the warmth of Chinese culture.College of International Students and Electric Power held the kitefestival.

On 23th April, students from the Electric Power College gathered with their classmates in Classroom 303 of the International Student College to participate in this warm and cultural activity. Chinese and foreign students cooperate with each other, from kite making to Chinese characters writing, so that foreign students have a better understanding of the broad and profound traditional culture.



Kite flying is one of the traditional folk games. It is the custom of Qingming Festival. Kites are also called organs, paper kites, kites and paper kites. Originated in China, it is a communication tool invented by the ancient working people. The first kite was made of bamboo by Lu Ban. Later, only paper kites were found in the palace. Minnan dialect is called wind blowing. Kite is a kind of product which is heavier than air and can float in the air with the help of wind. In the late Tang Dynasty, people added bamboo flutes to paper kites, which were blown by the wind after flying to the sky and made a "whine" sound, like the sound of a kite playing. Therefore, people changed the name "paper kite" to "kite" in modern times. Kites and kites are collectively called, including paper kites without whistles Weifang City is known as the capital of kites.




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