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2020 SIE Spring Enrollment Starts

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2020 SIE Spring Enrollment Starts

International Student Programs in Shenyang Institute of Engineering

SIE starts 2020 Spring and Autumn intakes international students enrollment. SIE is a full-time regular undergraduate institution with 75 history of education under the guidance of  the People’s Government of Liaoning Province.

We welcome all the applicants who have an interest in studying in SIE from all over the world. Here you will enjoy the excellent teaching facilities, experienced teachers and satisfactory accommodation.

I Program

1. Undergraduate Program

   Electrical Engineering & Automation Degree Program

  Renewal Energy Science & Engineering

  Mechanical Design, Manufacture & Automation

  Computer Science & Technology

Software Engineering

Energy and Power Engineering

2. Language Program

ØElementary Class

ØIntermediate Class

ØAdvanced Class

II Qualification

1. All applicants must be in good health

2. Bachelor’s degree students should be high school graduates or with equivalent qualification of 12-year education background, under the age of 25.

3. Language students should not be over 35 years old. 

III Fee Structure










Bachelor's Degree


16,000 Yuan/Year (2,400US$)

Ø Freshmen Scholarship: 3,000 Yuan/Year deduction


Ø To school account


Chinese Language


12,000 Yuan/Year

( 1,800 US$)


Ø To school account








Single Room

9,500 Yuan/Year

( 1,400 US$)



Ø To school account

8,500 Yuan/Year

( 1,300 US$)



Twin Room

6,500 Yuan/Year (960US$)



Ø To school account

4,000 Yuan/Year (600US$)


Residence Permit



One Year


845 Yuan

( 125 US$)


Ø Paid by cash;

Ø including taking photos with bar code and passport delivery





700 Yuan (103 US$)


Ø To school account,

Ø including the fee of mailing the documents



Health Insurance


800 Yuan/ Year

(118 US$)



Ø To school account



Physical Test


600 Yuan

(90 US$)


Ø Paid by cash,

Ø including taking photos and report delivery



Text Books

Major:2,000 Yuan/ 4 Years ( 295 US$)

Language:400 Yuan/ Year (60 US$)



Ø To school account


Note:1. The exchange rate is subject to the date your payment arrives into school account.

2. All the payment will be settled in RMB.

3. For more information about Freshmen scholarship, please check on the website


IV Conditions of Payment

1. SIE prospective students must transfer one year tuition fee before they will be given original documents for visa interview at the Chinese Embassy in their country of residence.

2. If any of SIE students does not get a visa, the tuition fee will be refunded.

3. Tuition and accommodation fees should be paid to the university bank account directly.

V Registration and Commencement Date

1.Registration Date: For Spring Intake --- Before 15th March 2019

                                 For Autumn Intake --- Before 13rd September 2019

2.Commencement Date: For Spring Intake --- 16th March 2019

                                       For Autumn Intake --- 14th September 2019

VI Application Procedures

1. Down load the Application Form and Resume Form

2. Submit the following documents by emailing us at

① Application Form

② One2-inch color photo

③ The first page (with photo) and one blank page of the passport

④ Transcript of highest degree

⑤ Graduation Certificate of highest degree

⑥ Resume Form in English

⑦ Recent physical check-up result

3.Once admitted, applicants pay the Registration Fee of 700 yuan to SIE.

4.SIE sends the Admission Notice and JW202 Form to the enrolled applicants.

5.Applicants apply for an X1 visa to China by presenting the above-mentioned documents, personal passports and the Physical Examination Records to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries.

VII Contact Us

No.18,PuchangRoad, Shenbei New District, Shenyang, P.R.China 110136





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